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Importance of Crystal ball in Terraria

The crystal ball is a very famous and significant item in Terraria and it will easily found just above water, which allows you to use both crafting stations at one single time - a requirement for making Water Candle. However, Crystal Ball requires having water nearby in order to make a Water Candle. You can also make a small single-block cell in order to drop water by using a bucket (that is made with lead or iron), then place a block on the top in order to cover it and leave the Crystal Ball there (you can also make additional stuff by making additional cells of lava/honey and centering a crystal ball on a central cell. Just take the bucket in order to water and you can then craft a 'water bucket' to drop water in a dip. You might be able to get around that by choosing up a crystal ball with help of a pickaxe and taking it to a plain/flat surface along a water body, but it is not a tested thing. However, it should work.

Materials that is being used in crafting an actual Water Candle:

Candle or Platinum Candle - These are fundamentally the same, one is made from Gold, and the other is made through Platinum. Use one bar of either with a torch in order to make one.

Water Candle - Take a candle to any type of Crystal Ball situated by water and also tries to bring up a crafting menu. You can then turn it into a Candle made by water, thanks to the mixture of water with a Crystal Ball.

Water Candles should be placed on a flat/smooth surface such as a workbench. You can also make these on the fly as long as you’ve wood, so it is quite an easy thing to get them placed in any Biome in order to enjoy increased rates of spawning. You can also look for more easy way about how to craft such candle by visiting at because there are a huge number of guides available there which can help you to pick an easy task.

Few tips about playing Terraria like an expert

Terraria is the most famous and renowned single/multiplayer game these days. However, one should need to follow few tips in order to learn things swiftly and start playing the game from the very beginning. Below mentioned are few of the tips from which one should at least read before starting a new game.

  • Exiting a game then re-entering into the world will help you to come back to your spawn point.
  • It is the very best thing to build your base close to an original spawn point so you’ve less trouble returning to it at day or night or if you return to your spawn point.
  • When digging deep, it is very much convenient to leave a way in order to come back when needed. The inexpensive way would be to leave different blocks jutting out on the alternative side of a passage as a rough-and-ready ladder.
  • Torches last endlessly so bring plethora along and place them independently when going exploring and mining.
  • Avoid the Crimson/Corruption early on as they contain hard level enemies.

For more information, please check out and you can also read below-mentioned expert level tips.

  • Crafting - This is an introductory crafting guide. It usually contains a thorough explanation of how crafting works and an ideal setup for crafting station.
  • NPCs - There are an additional number of NPCs than just a Guide that you will need to make homes for.
  • Bases - How to make an effective home base.

You may also wish to look at online guides regarding the Bosses in this game so you know what the long term task in Terraria would be. And remember, you can play a game by your own way, so do not feel bound by information available on online guides.